Redefining Quality
Legal Services.

We are committed to promptly respond to and act on your legal needs, employing personalized, holistic and practical approaches. We are continuously redefining our legal services adaptive to the new legal landscape.


Godinez Villanueva Espiritu & Soliman (GVES Law) is a full-service firm providing legal services to a myriad of clients, both local and foreign, and across different industries. The convergence of the four founding partners solidifies its commitment to quality and dedicated legal services to its clients.

GVES Law’s founding and name partners are John Henley C. Godinez, Christian Daniel P. Villanueva, Peter Guan S. Espiritu, and Nellaine Annabelle L. Soliman. The founding partners were honed by their individual practice both in the government and private sector assisting and advising clients in all aspects of legal practice.

Equipped with their vast legal experience, GVES Law’s establishment will certainly serve clients with innovation, responsiveness, dedication, and excellence.GVES Law is geared towards holistically responding to the ever-growing and dynamic client needs, especially in the present fast-changing economic, technology-driven, and social landscape. The approach to a legal problem will always be centered on providing the client with utmost legal and commercial protection.